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Welcome to Camp Half-blood! What is Camp Half-blood you ask? It's a camp for people like you. Don't worry you'll be safe here, the outer world is to dangerous for an untrained demigod like your self.
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 Kazuki (Done)

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PostSubject: Kazuki (Done)   Fri Jul 09, 2010 3:18 pm

Personal Info

Name:Kazuki Sunabouza






Human Parent:Kira Sunabouzu

Olympian Parent:Apollo

General Appearance:AVATAR COMING SOON /b]
[b]Camp Info


Years Attending:4

Magical item(s):
[b]Magical Item Template:



Effect:The Ablity this sword has is the abilty to control how hot it is since Apollo was the god of the sun.This sword can also make Fire come from the blade.


History:Kazuki found it one day as he was walking around thinking to himself it was just theirt in the middle of the road.

[b]Biography/Rp sample

Biography:Kazuki Mother was a great poet of a small country that was knowed for having the best poetry in the world. Kazuki father was there for the poerty one day and had seen Kazuki mother and fell in love instently. He thought see was the most buityful thing he has ever seen. Apollo then had heard her peotry skill and was more in ove with her. Apollo thought she was the one for him and he went at her. Apollo and Kira was in love and they eventuall had a child wich was Kazuki. Apollo was then forced to leave Kira and go back with the god's. Kazuki grew up having special ablities and not knowing where they came from or who his father was and his mother wouldnt talk about it. Kazuki was later enrolled in a school for other kids like him. Kazuki later found out what he was and what the other kids where was something called a demi-god. Kazuki is now in the school learning new thing and is training.

Rp sample: (Yes, you have to do this unless a staff member says other wise. This lets the staff see how you rp and how good you are at it.)

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PostSubject: Re: Kazuki (Done)   Fri Jul 09, 2010 3:55 pm

1. You need a last name

2.For weapon, flying doesn't make any sense, if it were like flying shoes i would under stand but hermes would give a gift like that. The gifts have to do with the god's power, like how mine is lightning charged, only other god that would have something like that is Ares cause he can control all weapons. Please try to make your weapon like something apollo would have, also a weapon shouldn't be able to increase your speed and attack.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuki (Done)   Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:09 pm

1. when i said you need to put weapon in weapon template i ment in magical item creation.

2. to have an item you need to a counselor to be a counselor you need to be attended at least 5 years and be at least 17.

3. Please at least describe your appearance if you dont have a picture.

4. you need an rp sample
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuki (Done)   

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Kazuki (Done)
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