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Welcome to Camp Half-blood! What is Camp Half-blood you ask? It's a camp for people like you. Don't worry you'll be safe here, the outer world is to dangerous for an untrained demigod like your self.
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 Sakura Petite Namoi

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PostSubject: Sakura Petite Namoi   Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:26 pm

Name:Sakura Petite Namoi
Nickname:What ever you want
Human Parent:John cage
Olympian Parent:Aphrodite
General Appearence:Sakura's beauty is undeniable like her siblings.[if she has any?]She has long kinda curly and very light blonde hair with winter sky blue eyes,and her tanish skin.She mostly wears shorts or jeans with white boots up to her knees.And her hair is mostly loose
Years Attended:0 Just started
Magical Items:None yet
Biography:Sakura is living a only child human life not knowing she was the daughter of Aphrodite.She would always ask her father a question about her mom and all he would say she was beautiful just like you''Would sigh
Personality:Sakura is very nice and shy when it comes to boys though her father and mother helps her out but hardly comes out right.
Likes:To draw,sing,write,help people out,cute things and sweets best intrested in cupcakes
Dislikes:Mean people,when boys stare at her and ugly shaped food
RP Sample:When Sakura was with her human father she never knew her mother until she was 15.She was always trying to be a A student in school she goes to But when she came home her father was laughing for no reason.''Daddy whats what so funny''she stared at the laughing man about to giggle because he was turning red.''Ah nothing princess just a really good joke I read in the News''He said calming himself down.He walked towered Sakura and kissed her forehead She looked down blushing in embarressment.''Was today the last day of school''Sakura nodded''Great! you'll start a camp started tomarrow.We will be going there tomarrow so get ready to pack''Sakura stared at her father with surprised eyes she asked what was wrong.He said with a big sigh before he started''Sakura you are the daughter Aphrodite.The reason why you are different from other girls.So theres a camp we be going to and you need to go so pack your things c'mon''She followed her father to her room and started packing.

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PostSubject: Re: Sakura Petite Namoi   Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:03 pm

For the bio, it's your characters past up to now - not her personality. You can add her personality on the app though, just put it under its own category. For your RP sample try and make it longer please? ^^

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Sakura Petite Namoi
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